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Wholesale Siberian timber shipments to any destination in Europe

Siberian Larch timber
for your perfect
made-of-wood project

  massive wood floor coverings (flooring/decking)

  massive wood wall coverings (facade/cladding)

  fencing of Siberian Larch (outdoor and indoor applications) (any type of profile by Your order and precisely according to Your specification)

  Siberian Larch timber (boards, glued beams and plates)

Siberian Larch does not tend
to rot, it is extremely durable. 
Easy to install and maintain.
Resistant to all aggressive
environmental factors (temperature
changes, ultraviolet, insects,
mold, moisture)
It’s 100% environmentally friendly
material of organic origin,
contains beneficial essential oils.
The possibility of exploitation in a wide
temperature range (-50C - +50C), 
wherein, it does not lose strength,
does not deform, and does not lose color.
A true Siberian tree has a very
beautiful texture and more
than 12 natural shades.

Siberian Larch planed timber

massive wood floor coverings (flooring/decking)

massive wood wall coverings (facade/cladding)

fencing of Siberian Larch (outdoor and indoor applications) (any type of profile by Your order and precisely according to Your specification)

Siberian Larch timber (boards, glued beams and plates)рт

We specialize in the Siberian Larch. We provide our buyers with any wholesale volumes for sale across all Europe.

We have our own manufacturing, drying and storage facilities in Russia and Serbia.

We deliver FSC-certified raw materials, wood for sale, directly from the Eastern Siberia region at optimal prices.

We have considerable experience in export deliveries, and we provide a full set of documents for export.

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изображения загружаются

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Our Company, Listva Attractive Wood, was founded in 2017 as a joint Russian-Serbian company, engaged in the production and wholesale supply of products from Siberian Larch. Due to our own production equipment in Servia and Russia, as well as the established supply of first-class raw materials from the region of Eastern Siberia, we offer our customers consistently high - quality products along with wholesale prices and a wide range of products.

The production program of Listva Attractive Wood is based exclusively on the use of raw materials from Siberian Larch, and this is not accidental, since the unique properties of this type of wood have long been known to specialists, and molded products from it are consistently in high demand on the world market.

The strategy of our business development is to choose the best breed of the tree in its class and achieve the deepest possible specialization in its processing. We believe that Siberian Larch is such a breed, whose impeccable reputation speaks for itself, and historical sources give a lot of examples of its successful use for centuries. The most famous example is the old Venice, built on stilts of Larch. Besides, the correctness of our chosen strategy is confirmed by numerous positive feedbacks from our customers.

Ever since we started our company, we defined the wholesale supply of molded products made out of Siberian Larch as a priority direction of our activity. Located in the heard of Balkan, in the Republic of Serbia, Listva Attractive Wood supplies its products and sells wood and Siberian Larch products to the countries of the former Yugoslavia, as well as to many countries of Western Europe. In most cases, our clients are large construction companies, architectural bureaus, and design organizations. In addition, we actively cooperate with private investors in the construction of motels, hotel complexes, tourist bases, resorts, and restaurants.

The list of our clients is constantly updated, we appreciate every each one of them, and in all cases, we strive for long-term cooperation.

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Siberian Larch - why is it so unique?


  • Siberian larch doesn't rot

    Thanks to specific type of resin in its composition this wood is not a subject to decay and becomes even stronger after the long contact with water.
  • Siberian Larch is a 100% ecologically clean product

    It is growing in a deep Siberian Taiga of Russia, in a huge distance from any civilization and industry.
  • Siberian larch timber has density equal to the density of oak

    It is about 700 kg per 1 m3 in a dry state
  • It is vextremely resistant to all known environmental factors

    - such as solar radiation, precipitation, high level of humidity, insects, fungus and mold, significant temperature changes and many others.
  • It is much more resistant to fire than all other types of wood

    Its thermal insulation properties are also 2 - 2.5 times higer than those of pine and oak.
  • It has a very arractive texture of surface

    The color range of Siberian Larch has up to 15 shades


...Siberian larch is very resistant and durable wood. It is the only representative of conifers, which is added to the hardwood category and in hardness is comparable to oak...


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